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The Complete COVID-19 Extraction and Detection Kit (magnetic beads)


Size: 100 Rxns (VT9100 x 1 + CoV‐2‐RTPCR x 2)
DG: No
Storage: Please refer to documentation
Sterile: No
Stock: In stock

Product Description:

The Complete COVID‐19 Extraction and Detection Kit allows an All‐In‐One solution for the Extraction of Viral RNA, followed by its detection via RT‐PCR.

This complete kit comprises of the following two kits:
I. QUIK TRACK Viral RNA Kit (Cat # VT9100 )
II. SARS‐CoV‐2 RT‐PCR Detection Kit (Cat # CoV‐2‐RTPCR x 2

Magnetic separation device NOT INCLUDED. Magnetic separation device is sold separately.

I. QUIK TRACK Viral RNA Kit (Cat # VT9100 )

The QUIK TRACK Viral RNA Kit is especially designed for COVID-19 Viral RNA Extraction. The kit simplifies the isolation of viral RNA from cell‐free body fluids using high-throughput QUIK TRACK magnetic beads. No phenol/chloroform extraction is required. Viral RNA binds specifically, while contaminants are removed in the flow‐through. PCR inhibitors such as divalent cations and proteins are completely removed in two efficient wash steps, leaving pure viral RNA to be eluted in RNase‐free water. Purified RNA is ready to use in RT‐PCR, Northern blotting, or other downstream applications.


► Fast: The entire procedure takes about 30 minutes.
► HighThroughput: Allows rapid extraction of 100 samples within 30 minutes
► High Yield: The recovery yield of viral RNA is >85%
► Versatile: Suitable for purification of viral RNA from a wide range of specimens, including serum, plasma, cell culture media, and milk.
► Non‐toxic: No phenol/chloroform is used.

II. SARS‐CoV‐2 RT‐PCR Detection Kit (Cat # CoV‐2‐RTPCR x 2

Our newly developed RT-PCR kit can be used on human respiratory tract specimens and serves as an ideal molecular diagnostic tool to detect COVID-19 / SARS-CoV-2:

► Highly specific for the ORF1ab and N target markers recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States.
► Ready-to-use reaction kit that includes MasterMix, Primers/Probes, and Internal Positive Control.
► Can be used with samples collected from sputum and naso/ oropharyngeal swabs.
► Results ready in less than 2 hours.
► Compatible with standard RT-qPCR machines (Applied Biosystems 7500, QuantStudio 7 Flex, or Bio-Rad CFX96 recommended).

Total Product Size:
100 Rxns (VT9100 x 1 + CoV‐2‐RTPCR x 2)

Kit Test Results and Analysis (473.37 KB)

RT-PCR Setup: ABI 7500 (1.09 MB)

COA – RNA Extraction (865.08 KB)

COA – RT-PCR Detection – 1 (409.74 KB)

COA – RT-PCR Detection (example) (56.96 KB)

SDS – RT-PCR Detection (410.89 KB)

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