Company History

Company History


The Biotrack Revolution

Building the Future, Together

Elemental_Dropcaps_B1iotrack’s real work began in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands in 2011, where a large part of its R&D still takes place. In May 2013, Biotrack moved into a brand new, state of the art lab in that same city, while assembly and production of Biotrack’s products is staged in the nearby city of Sneek, not far from parent company DWT. Thanks to the concerted efforts of their brilliant scientists, engineers, and industry experts, Biotrack is now starting large scale production of their cutting edge microbial testing platform.

As a result, microbial culturing is no longer the only viable option for the quality analysis of air and water (and far from the best). Where identifying dangerous pathogens in a given sample once took days or weeks, The Biotrack can provide extremely detailed results in as little as 20 minutes, and no more than 2 hours. Where culturing only allows for the identification of an estimated 5-10% of bacterial species—as only a small number of species are actually culturable—AquaScope can theoretically identify every single bacterial species on Earth, as well as countless species of archaea, fungi, spores, protozoa, algae, viruses, and even hormones, antibodies, and pharmaceutical compounds.

After filing a variety of patents, Biotrack now develops and manufactures a range of products that are cleverly engineered into compact systems with relevance in a myriad of applications, and uses in a large number of industries.

With its quantum leap in microbial analysis, Biotrack is poised to completely revolutionize the way we think about and interact with the microscopic world. As humanity turns to face tomorrow, with its promise to challenge and engage the best in all of us, we at Biotrack are proud to stand at the precipice of mankind’s next great triumphs, and to have the opportunity to empower and inspire others as they utilize our cutting-edge technologies.